Start Transforming Your Product Photos Today!

Do you struggle to create beautiful photos of your handmade products?

Do you believe it will cost you an arm and a leg to achieve the kind of drool-worthy photos you see in other shops?

Are you frustrated that your photos don't accurately showcase the beauty of your work?

Introducing: How to Rock Your Product Photography Using Only a Smartphone!

47 pages of instruction on improving your photos right now!

What readers are saying about this book:

Lorraine C.

Shop Owner - Little Lovelies Custom Jewelry

This book is full of practical information and easily done suggestions to up your photography game for your online business.  Well written, easy to follow instructions with clear explanations without jargon. I can't wait to try some of the things I have learned and highly recommend this book to anyone!

Erin F.

Shop Owner - Harbourside Designs

Laura’s book on product photography is a fantastic resource - whether you’re just starting or have been listing your goods online for years.  She gives careful thought to planning, composition, editing, and she shares how to incorporate props to add interest. She recognizes that we don’t al have professional photography equipment at home, but guides her readers to find the best time, location and tools to create beautiful images. 

Heidi S.

Shop Owner - Apricity Designs

This e-book is an absolute gem! Creating beautiful product photographs can feel like such a daunting task, but Laura lays out the steps wonderfully, in an easy to understand manner.  One of my favourite things about this book is the supportive, encouraging way in which it is written. As you read Laura’s book you will feel inspired, and excited to try out her tips and suggestions for yourself.  And, when you do, you’ll be so impressed with the results!

Imagine knowing exactly how to style, photograph and edit your products quickly and inexpensively.

Most people believe that they need to invest in expensive cameras, equipment and courses in order to produce gorgeous photography for their online shop.


What if I told you that you can create beautiful product photos using only your phone, items from around your home and a few clever ideas?

When I first opened my shop, 3 years ago, my photos were totally cringe-worthy. Seriously.

But I didn't have the money to spend on taking a course or buying a professional camera.

I had to make do with what I had.

With a lot of trial and error, frustrations and successes, I'm now very proud of the photos I'm able to produce. Using nothing more than my phone and some free apps!

But I don't want it to take you 3 years to achieve the same. I want you to be able to start improving your photos TODAY!

So I'm spilling all my secrets!

- Step by step instructions on how to beautifully edit your photos using free apps.

- Printable worksheet to help you select appropriate props.

- Detailed descriptions of the styles of photos you will need to create a killer listing.

- Exactly how to maximize the lighting in your home.

- ALL the tips & tricks I've learned along the way.

And so much more!

You no longer have to struggle along on your own.

Do you feel like you're not seeing the results you should be based on how many hours of work you've already poured into your shop?

It's tough out there for online shop owners. There are a million tasks to juggle and it can end up feeling like you're beating your head against the wall.

I don't want that for you!

I've seen the question asked countless times in Facebook groups:

"How can I improve my photos?"

I've got the answers.

Everything you need to know about creating gorgeous product photos without breaking the bank, all in one place!

I know what you're thinking....

Yet ANOTHER ebook you need to spend your hard earned money on.

I understand what it is to have a struggling shop and not be able to afford any extra training.


Can you really afford to continue operating your shop using mediocre photos? 

The competition on Etsy is fierce. There are literally millions of listings all vying for the top spots in search.

Potential customers are scrolling through dozens of listings within a matter of seconds.

You can bet that they are only stopping to look at the listings with the most beautiful pictures.

Consider this:

How many sales would you have to make in order to recover the cost of this training?

Using my own pricing as an example, I would have to make only 2 sales!

Once you start updating your photos, you'll get those sales in no time!


Would you rather spend 3 years learning on your own, like I did, or 3 hours?

Here's the catch

This book is NOT for you if:

You want to learn how to use expensive equipment and programs to create your photos.

It's totally fine if you want to invest in those kinds of tools! But I can't help you with it.

I believe in using what you've already got and not unnecessarily spending money.


How it works:

Once you purchase the training, it will be sent straight to your inbox for you to download.

You will also have lifetime access to any updates that are made!

Disclaimer: I can't promise that you'll start making more sales or see a dramatic increase in shop views. But if you implement the strategies and put in the work, you will no doubt be able to produce photos that help level the playing field and help you keep up with the competition!


All sales are final.

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